OCC History

The Oxygen Club of California has been holding conferences in the area of oxidants and antioxidants in biological systems for more than twenty years. In the beginning, these meetings were satellite meetings associated with the winter Gordon Conference on oxygen radicals held in southern California on alternate years. As interest in this field has increased, “Oxygen Clubs” were formed in the Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area, notably The Bay Area Oxygen Club. The original organizers of these meetings were led by Professors Lester Packer, Enrique Cadenas and Paul Hochstein (now deceased).

For over 21 years these original scientists have been working together and we are The Oxygen Club of California. Our first joint meeting was in Pasadena in 1996 and it was a huge success. The Oxygen Club of California has organized and sponsored dozens of meetings over the past two decades and is recognized as a hub of scientific organization that has produced many excellent symposia which has stimulated many new scientific endeavors.

Oxygen Club of California

The Oxygen Club of California (OCC) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to enhancing education and promoting research in the field of oxidants, antioxidants, nutrition, micronutrients and free radicals in biology and medicine with the goal of promoting human health.


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