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Oxidants and Antioxidants in Biology
March 17-20, 2010
Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort, Santa Barbara, California

The scientific program of the 2010 World Congress of the Oxygen Club of California addresses the translational aspects of oxygen and redox biology and nutritional interventions, areas of research of high significance for public health.

The registration desk will open at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, with scientific activities starting 5:45 PM and finishing Saturday at 1:00 PM.

The congress opens with two keynote lectures by the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008:
Harald zur Hausen - "Novel agents in human carcinogenesis: status and perspectives"
Luc Montagnier - "Oxidative stress, gene activation and chronic disease"
A Norman Krinsky Memorial Lecture will be delivered by:
Johannes von Lintig - "Carotenoid cleavage and biological action"

- Wound Healing organized by Chandan K. Sen & Thomas K. Hunt
- Redox Signaling and Inflammation organized by Junji Yodoi & Young-Joon Surh
- Cardiovascular Disease organized by Dipak K. Das  & Cesar G. Fraga
- Translational Science by Micronutrients
Carotenoids and Vitamin A organized by Helmut Sies & Klaus Kraemer
Coenzyme Q organized by Valerian Kagan & Roland Stocker
Lipoic Acid and Polyphenols organized by Lester Packer & Manfred Eggersdorfer
- Redox Imaging organized by Hideo Utsumi & Periannan Kuppusamy
- Aging organized by Bruce N. Ames & José Viña

A number of Awards for Established and Young Scientists will be given during the Gala dinner on Friday, March 19th.
Registration is now available.

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