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70 cm (27.5 in) width


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Oxygen Club of California World Congress 2012
June 20–23
Alba, Italy

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Speakers and Topics

Keynote Lectures
Richard Weindruch
Metabolic reprogramming, caloric restriction, and aging

I – NRF2-Driven Regulation of Antioxidant Defenses
Masayuki Yamamoto
Molecular mechanisms of Keap1-Nrf2 pathway in stress response and cancer evolution
Thomas Kensler
Keap1-Nrf2 signaling: targets for disease prevention
Giovanni Mann
Nrf2-mediated redox signaling in endothelial cells: consequences for cardiovascular disease
Young-Joon Surh
Adaptive survival response mediated by the Nrf2-induced HO1 upregulation
Regina Brigelius-Flohé
Nrf2 target genes are induced under marginal selenium deficiency

II – Nutrient-Gene Interactions and Epigenetics
Ben van Ommen
Micronutrient genomics: an overview
Steven Zeisel
Functional genetic polymorphisms in genes of choline metabolism
Frederick E. Domann
The redox basis of epigenetic control
MTHFR genotype and riboflavin: a novel gene-nutrient interaction affecting blood pressure
Emily Ho
Dietary histone deacetylase inhibitors for cancer prevention

III – Novel Roles of Micronutrients
David Heber
Biomedical action of pomegranate ellagitanninus
Patricia Oteiza
Zinc and redox signaling in the developing brain
Andrew Levy
Pharmacogenomic interactions between vitamin E and the haptoglobin genotype in the prevention of diabetic vascular disease
Louis Casteilla
Redox metabolism, coenzyme Q, and obesity
Maria Rosa Ciriolo
Downstream effects of GSH depletion as inducers of longevity - associated pathways
David Carlson
Redox modulation of cell signaling by lipoic acid
Balz Frei
Vascular oxidative stress and inflammation in atherosclerosis and aging: ameliorating effects of α-lipoic acid supplementation
Irfan Rahman
Redox epigenetic modifications by dietary bioactive compounds in inflammation

IV – Lipid Oxidation and Signaling
Etsuo Niki
Physiological and unregulated membrane lipid oxidation
Laszlo Nagy
Transcriptional interactions involving hormone nuclear receptors shaping macrophage polarity and activity
Gabriella Leonarduzzi
Lipid oxidation-mediated mechanisms of destabilization of the atherosclerotic plaque
Luigi Iuliano
Oxysterols in the pathogenesis of inflammatory-based disease
Francisco Schopfer
Electrophilic nitro-fatty acids as anti-inflammatory mediators in the vascular compartment
Oren Tirosh
High cholesterol diet-induced impairment of glucose homeostasis in mice with fatty liver: role of inducible NOS
Gaetano Serviddio
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, oxidative stress, and mitochondria
Corinne M. Spickett
Lipid-protein adducts as biomarkers of inflammatory-based diseases in humans
Tilman Grune
Protein oxidation: reducing the toxic effects

V – Epigenetics, Metabolism, and Aging
Mario Fraga
Epigenetic regulation of aging
Gregory J. Brewer
Epigenetic redox shift, nutrients, aging, and insulin
Silvia Gravina
Role of random changes to epigenetic marks in aging
Ana MarĂ­a Cuervo
Autophagy and aging
José Viña
Modulation of aging genes: importance in longevity and age-associated frailty
Vittorio Calabrese
Redox regulation of cellular stress response in aging and neurodegenerative disorders: role of hormesis and vitagens
Matthew O'Connor
Relocation of mtDNA to the nucleus: implication for mitochondrial mutations
Suresh Rattan
Molecular gerontology: from molecules to hormesis
Kelvin J. A. Davies
Proteolytic signaling dysfunction in aging
Malcolm Jackson
Reactive oxygen species in muscle wasting during aging
Leo Rodriguez-Mañas
Frailty: a basic and clinical challenge for the future
Maria Cristina Polidori
Oxidative stress and the link of pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease with vascular pathology
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