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OCC is a scientific organization dedicated to enhancing interactions and providing meetings and discussion forums worldwide to those interested in free radicals in biological systems, oxidants and antioxidants in biology and medicine, micronutrients, nutrition and health.

In this web site are listed the current officers of the OCC, a brief history, a complete list of upcoming meetings organized or co-sponsored by the OCC. Also included is a collection of downloadable abstracts in PDF format (some in HTML) from our past meetings.

Finally, there is an up-to-date compendium of links to other websites that could be useful to your research or professional interest.

We encourage current and prospective OCC members to provide announcements of meetings, journals, websites, or other information to publish on our site.

OCC Mission

The OCC seeks to promote scientific interactions to improve the understanding of the roles of micronutrients in oxygen biology and medicine as they pertain to redox and energy metabolism, cell signaling and transcription, and epigenetics. An ultimate goal is to translate these findings to benefit human life- and health-span. OCC sponsors are from industrial organizations, health and medical foundations, government, and academia. We are also cosponsored by the Linus Pauling Institute. With this wide support, conference organizers bring together the world's best researchers to address current scientific issues. The OCC provides a forum -in the form of prizes and awards- for the recognition of scientific achievements by both promising scholars and established investigators.

Welcome Address from the OCC President

Dean P. Jones
OCC President

OCC Members and Friends

The Oxygen Club of California continues to lead the world in scholarly adventures through the OCC 2016 World Congress program on Redox Medicine and Nutrition. Joe Beckman, of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, will deliver a plenary talk on “The remarkable effects of altering copper metabolism in familial SOD-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”, and top scientists from around the world will present their latest findings on nutrition to address challenges to combat oxidative mechanisms in disease and maintain healthy longevity.

The Organizing Committee (Billy Fraga, Patricia Oteiza, and Helmut Sies) has once again arranged a superb program. The meeting will be held at the University of California, Davis on 4-6 May 2016. Highlights include sessions on redox signals in the regulation of cell communication, regenerative medicine and wound healing, nutrition and the genome-epigenome, bioactives effects on cognition and aging, and the microbiome and gut inflammation. Short communications and roundtables on redox chemistry in cell functions and microbiome, causes and solutions for stress, will ensure opportunity to discuss emerging issues.

Like many of you, I feel welcomed as an adopted Californian; I cherish the opportunity to meet again with Lester Packer and join the tradition he started decades ago. OCC has led efforts to understand our most essential nutrient, oxygen, and given us direction to optimize diet, physical activity, and health behaviors. Active inclusion of young investigators is a special emphasis for the OCC, providing all with an opportunity to engage in lively discussions.

We will enjoy the opportunity to engage with leaders of redox science and medicine, to appreciate the fellowship of the OCC, and to attend the gala banquet, with concert and prizes for senior scientists and awards for best presentations by young investigators. I look forward to seeing you in Davis!

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