Alba Conference Highlights


A Joint Meeting of the

Oxygen Club of California

University of Turin

September 7-10, 2005
ALBA, Italy

Addendum to Alba Meeting in pdf format

The Opening Ceremony

Lester packer gave an introduction highlighting developments in "Oxidants and antioxidants in biology and bioenergetics" presenting some highlights during the last 110 years -- this was accompanied by an introduction to our keynote speaker, Professor Angelo Azzi, in whose honor the meeting was being held.

Angelo Azzi receiving a gift from OCC President Helmut Sies, meeting organizer Guiseppe Poli, and Lester Packer.

Angelo and Margherita Azzi were thanked for their contributions and wisdom to the scientific community and one another.

Young Investigator Award

Dr. Christopher Horst Lillig,

Dr. Laura Beatriz Valdez, Phone 54-11-4964-8245, ext 108, Fax 54-11-4508-3646, ext 102

Tamara Zaobornyj (PhD student)

YIA award selection committee Leopold Flohe(chair) Josiane Cillard, Nesrin Özer, Alberto Boveris

Lifetime Membership Award

(left to right) Arne Holmgren, Junji Yodoi and Giuseppe Poli
In background: Enrique Cadenas, OCC vice president, and Helmut Sies, OCC president.

In Appreciation

Gabriella Leonarduzzi and Fiorella Biasi provided essential meeting organization and great hospitality for all attendees.

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