OCC History

Many of you may be aware, the Oxygen Club of California has been holding meetings in the general area of oxidants and antioxidants in biological systems for more than a dozen years. In the beginning, these meetings were satellite meetings associated with the Gordon Conference on Oxyradicals held in Southern California in the Winter on alternate years. Later, as interest in this field has increased, Oxygen Clubs were formed in the Los Angeles and in the San Francisco area (Bay Area Oxygen Club).

In the last few years, these groups have been working very well together: forteen years ago we had an annual meeting in Berkeley, then we had meetings in February and March in Pasadena, and since 1996 we had our Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara. In view of this, it was decided to form the Oxygen Club of California (OCC), we have been working together in California and western states to organize good and interesting meetings at appropriate times of the year and in different locations with the idea of enhancing our interactions, providing a meeting and discussion forum for students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, as well as people in our own scientific community and elsewhere in the world working in this area.

Discussions during the 1990's between OCC and Linus Pauling Institute (LPI) officers and advisors led to the formation of alliance to co-sponsor and mutually support the annual meetings. These meetings are normally held in alternate years in Santa Barbara, California and Portland, Oregon planned with a complementary focus of the scientific programs.

See below for meetings organized and co-sponsored by OCC:

OCC Meetings

Meetings Co-Sponsored by OCC
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