Travel Awards

The Local Organizing Committee, together with the Regional and International Scientific Boards, have selected young researchers for Travel Awards. The criteria used for the selection were: i) quality of the presented abstract; ii) the scientific background of the researcher; and iii) the recommendation letter, the background of the supporting professor, and the prestige of the laboratory/institute/university involved. Each one of these criteria was evaluated by a different person (two reviewers for the abstracts). The 4 evaluations were added to obtain a final score. A total of 40 applications were evaluated.

Mars Travel Award-List 1: registration, plus ARS 1500.00 in cash to be given during the conference or 3 hotel nights during the conference (double room shared with other awardee).

  • Campos-Carraro Cristina, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Abu Bakar, Nurul Ain (Malaysia)
  • Anhe, Fernando Foratto (France)
  • Choy, Ying Yng (USA)
  • Cremonini, Elenonora (USA)
  • Curtis, Peter (UK)
  • Kimura, Yuki (Japan)
  • Lamport, Daniel (UK)
  • Qin, Si (Japan)
  • Wightman, Emma (UK)

Mars Travel Award-List 2: registration, plus ARS 500.00 in cash to be given during the conference.

  • Urpi Sarda, Mireia (Spain)
  • Lockyer, Stacey (UK)
  • Mena, Pedro (Italy)
  • Puzserova, Angelika (Slovakia)

ICPH Travel Award: registration.

  • Lellis Santos, Camilo (Brazil)
  • Bolin, Anysa (Brazil)
  • Mills, Charlote (UK)
  • Ludwig, Iziar Amaia (UK)
  • Rothwell, Joseph (UK)
  • Mattarei, Andrea (Italy)
  • Amin, Hiren (UK)

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