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We would like to invite you to the ICPH-6 in Buenos Aires, which will be held October 16-19, 2013.

Research on polyphenols and related phytochemicals has flourished in the last decades. The understanding of why fruits and vegetables benefit human and animal health remains a target of basic and applied sciences. We have successfuly advanced in this area of research, but have yet to reach definitive answers. Thus, we stress the importance of feeding the existing volume of research with new and creative ideas, further interactions among the different disciplines, and an active incorporation of young as well as established scientists.

The series of ICPH conferences started in 2003 in Vichy, and were biannually followed by successful meetings in Davis (2005), Kyoto (2007), Harrogate (2009), and Barcelona (2011). In all these conferences, the maintenance of high scientific quality and innovation was an achieved objective. The target audience of ICPH meetings include medicine, biology, chemistry, nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology, plant and crop science. This year the VIII Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine-South American Group (SFRBM-SAG) congress will precede the ICPH-6 sharing one day of activities.

We envision a program of top-notch scientific quality, complemented with exciting cultural activities. Buenos Aires, as a major cosmopolitan city, offers a plethora of treats including tango, marvaleous meat and Malbec wine. For those coming from far, the possibility of touring Argentina is a must. The mild and sunny October, favors pre- or post-congress travel to Patagonia glaciers, IguazĂș falls, and whale watching in Puerto Madryn, among the many touristic possibilities.

We look forward to meeting you in Buenos Aires in October.

Cesar G. Fraga Patricia I. Oteiza Monica Galleano
Chair Vice-Chair Secretary

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